Kota Blue Short Blast Leather Stone

Kota Blue Short Blast Leather Stone is a textured natural stone that has undergone a short blasting process, creating a rough surface texture. It also features a leather-like finish, adding depth to its appearance. This stone, with its blue shades, is commonly used for wall cladding, paving, and landscaping projects, offering a combination of visual and tactile appeal.

Thicknesses : 18 to 30 mm (as per Client Requirements)
Flooring sizes (in inches) :  11 x 11, 22 x 11, 22 x 16, 22 x 22, 28 x 22, 34 x 22, 40 x 22, 46 x 22 and more



Kota Blue Stone is the original stone that earned its name and fame as Kota Stone. The natural grayish blue shade of Kota blue stone is irreplaceable and impossible to replicate. The color itself is calming and creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Kota blue stone is widely preferred in hospital spaces because of its various robust properties as well as its calming effect plus its stain resistance makes it easy to clean


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