Kota Stone Price

Sethi Stones is a renowned company that deals with Kota stone and offers a wide range of options for customers seeking quality and affordable Kota stone price.

Kota Stone Price
Kota Stone Price

Retailer Price, Wholesale Price and Factory Prices In India

Get The Best Kota Stone Price in India

Sethi Stones, a leading kota stone supplier and manufacturer in Jaipur, India. As we know consumer look for affordable kota stone price. That’s why we offer best quality kota stone. Generally Kota Stone has acquired immense visibility all around the globe for flooring purposes. It is renowned for its durability and natural beauty, and above all, it is very friendly to the pocket. If one wishes to use Kota Stone, knowing the price of the same becomes necessary. Quarried from the city of Rajasthan in India, this natural limestone offers several options in order to fit everyone’s budget and needs. An informed decision will hence help you get the best value for money out of your investment. That’s why we take pride in offering an extensive and cost-effective kota stone price list that caters to your diverse needs.

Premium Quality Kota Stone

We offers only the highest quality Kota stone, known for its durability, longevity, and natural beauty.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the industry, Sethi Stones is a trusted name for Kota stone flooring.

Wide Range of Options

Explore a diverse range of Kota stone options at Sethi Stones.

Exceptional Durability

Invest in flooring that withstands the test of time.

Low Cost & High Quality Kota Stone

Best Kota Stone Price Options – Offered by Sethi Stones

Best in quality at competitive prices is what defines Sethi Stones as the best. Having rich years of experience and direct procurement from quarries, we can offer our customers the best Kota Stone price options available in our country. Be it for a large commercial project or for a small renovation in a house, we have the right price of Kota stone that fit in your budget.

All work in the open domain is very much diversified, and Kota Stone cost will differently on a number of factors, including but not limited to the size of the stone, thickness of the stone, finish required, and special installation requirements.

Kota Stone Price Per Sq Feet

The Kota stone price can vary depending on many factors like its quality, thickness, size, and finish. Additionally, it is favored for flooring in chemical industries due to its resistance to various chemicals. Available in Black, Brown, Grey, and Blue variants, Kota stone surpasses other stones in similar applications with its uniformity, durability, and non-porous nature.

Rough Kota Stone

It is usually cheaper than the polished variety and is priced at around Rs. 20-35 per square feet.

Polished Kota Stone

It is more expensive than the rough variety and is priced at around Rs. 30-50 per square feet.

Export Quality Kota Stone

The export quality Kota stone is of high grade and is priced around Rs. 50-120 per sq ft depending on size and finish.

Factors of Kota Stone Pricing

Regarding the pricing of Kota Stone, it is by square feet. The prices per square foot vary highly based on some prime factors, and a few of those are:

Size and Thickness

The cost may differ with the size and thickness of Kota Stone slabs. It is known that standard sizes are at a more competitive price; at the same time, if custom sizes or thicker slabs are needed, then extra costs can be added. Normally, the greater the thickness, the better the price, as more material is required and thus its processing.

Finish and Quality

The finish of the Kota Stone does matter a lot in its pricing. Polished stones have their characteristic smooth and shining surface, so the price is a little higher in comparison to the cost of rocks with a natural or honed finish. Again, the quality of stone in regard to uniformity of color without any blemishes may impact the price range.

Color and Pattern

Kota Stone is available in different colors, basically bluish-greenish shades. The rarer the color, the greater its cost. Besides, some patterns and designs could also cost more compared to others as a result of extra work needed for cutting and finishing of stone.

Quantity and Availability

The more square footage you buy, the more economical it is. The price again varies in relation to availability. Sethi Stones ensures a steady supply of Kota Stone in high quality to meet varied customer demands efficiently.

Installation Costs

While the cost concerning stone itself, the installation costs are a primary consideration. The level of skill applied in labor, together with design complexity and adhesives or other materials used in the installation, all have an impact on the final cost of your Kota Stone flooring project.

Sethi Stones has lucid and transparent pricing with itemized quotations, so you know exactly how much your project will cost. Be assured of high-quality Kota Stone at the best possible price for total customer satisfaction.

Sethi Stones believes in providing the best Kota Stone price in India, ensuring that our customers get the most worth for their money without any compromise on quality. We guide you through the choices of size, thickness, finish, and installation to ensure that your decision befits your pocket and taste.


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