Red Mandana Stone

Sethi Stones is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of red mandana stone flooring tiles in India who mine, process, and deliver you the best quality Mandana Red Stone.

Red Mandana Stone

manufacturer of RED MANDANA STONE

Best Quality Red Mandana Stone

Red Mandana Stone is a one of its kind natural grained stone that is widely used in outdoor flooring as well as floorings in industries like the milk and acid industry as it is largely chemical-proof and weather-resistant. It comes in brick red color which gives your home or office a luxurious dark look. Red Mandana Stone is also preferred for outdoor pavements as it is hugely weather-resistant and has anti-slip quality.

Premium Quality Red Stone

We offers only the highest quality mandana red stone, known for its durability, longevity, and natural beauty.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the industry, Sethi Stones is a trusted name for red mandana sandstone flooring.

Wide Range of Options

Explore a diverse range of mandana stone options at Sethi Stones.

Exceptional Durability

Invest in flooring that withstands the test of time.

Unveiling the Rich Elegance of Mandana RED Stone!

Red Mandana Stone Manufacturer & Supplier

Sethi Stones is the best red mandana stone manufacturer and suppliers in India, delivering quality stone from the last 25 years. We render you Red Mandana Stone in various shapes and sizes such as cobbles, tumbles, stone bricks, big slabs and tiles. Although 90° edge cut and box packed tiles are easy to use, but there are various places where tiles cannot be used such as garden pavements and walkways. Mandana Red Stone walk ways and pavements are an absolute pleasure to eyes amidst greens of gardens and is preferred extensively by landscape designers. Elegant color range of Red Mandana Stone flooring also gives a rich look to your office space as well as home spaces. 

Our meticulously processed and finely polished tiles in an organized display makes it easy for you to select the right Red Mandana stone flooring tiles for your space. Stone bricks and tiles are also picking up on trendy exterior wall claddings in homes, mainly because of its natural robust nature and resistance against weather conditions. Apart from all other advantages Mandana Red Stone cladding looks stunning on wall exteriors. This fine grained kota stone is also used to carve out sculptures, which are then used in beautification of outer spaces. Mandana Stone Company, Sethi Stones have lived up to its name delivering excellence for past 25 years covering various big and small projects. Contact us to get the best mandana stone price.

Easy To Maintain

The cleaning process of Mandana red sandstone floors is so easy that you just need to use soda ash or any detergent and wipe it with a damp cloth and that's all. Daily scratches and dirt can be easily wiped away with a wet wipe.

Long Service Life

Naturally occurring stones are highly durable, which is why they can remain indifferent to any weather changes and survive for a long time. A lot of monuments in India are made of this natural red mandana sandstone and are still in very good condition.

Lowest Water Absorption

Red Mandana Sandstone is non-porous and resistant to liquids making it a hygienic option for humid areas. Since this stone absorbs little or no water, this stone is mostly used in rainy areas where the risk of floor slipping is high.

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Mandana Stone Company, Sethi Stones have lived up to its name delivering excellence for past 25 years covering various big and small projects. Contact us to get the best mandana stone price.

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