Kota Stone Colors

Explore the diverse palette of Kota stone colors at Sethi Stones, where the artistry of nature meets architectural excellence.

Kota Stone flooring
Kota Stone flooring

Explore a Wide Range of kota stone Colors

Kota Stone Colors at Sethi Stones

Elevate your spaces with the natural charm of Kota Stone colors from Sethi Stones. Our collection includes a spectrum of earthy colors, from warm beiges and rustic browns to cool blues and greens. Fill your floors and walls with lasting beauty and a touch of nature’s vibrant palette. Explore Kota Stone colors with us and redefine the aesthetic of your living space.

Premium Quality Kota Stone

We offers only the highest quality Kota stone, known for its durability, longevity, and natural beauty.

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the industry, Sethi Stones is a trusted name for Kota stone flooring.

Wide Range of Options

Explore a diverse range of Kota stone color options at Sethi Stones.

Exceptional Durability

Invest in flooring that withstands the test of time.

natural and attractive Kota Stone Colours


At Sethi Stones, you can see the implication of the most exotic Kota stone colors and amazing textures in the ready-to-fit tiles that we cleverly source from the most difficult to reach locations. You can visit our showroom and see how Kota Stone can enhance the look of your home from wall decoration to washroom to terrace flooring and even indoor and outdoor flooring. We’ve created a grand saga in which each tile and texture speaks to its detailed craftsmanship.

As soon as you step into Sethi Stones, you will be mesmerized and witness our dedication to providing excellence that drives us to visit the most difficult places and bring out the most exquisite and exotic natural colors and patterns in Kota stone colors. Does. These stones are then processed, cut, and polished to perfection to provide you with the finest 90° Edge Cut and Box Packed Kota Stone Tiles. We also have a huge stockyard with finished products ready to ship.

Explore Our Kota Stone Colors

Kota stone is available in many colors. The blue, yellow, green-blue, and brown colors of this pathar are more popular, other colors are black, pink, brown, and beige.


Kota Blue Stone

Kota Blue Stone is the original stone that earned its name and fame as Kota Stone.


Kota Brown Stone

Kota Brown Stone is one of the most exotic naturally occurring lime sediment.


Kota Black Stone

Kota Black Stone comes in rage from dark gray to completely black in color.


Red Mandana Stone

At Sethi Stones, we render you red Mandana stone slabs in both natural surface and one side table polished.

Transform Your Space with Kota Stone Colors from Sethi Stones

Colour of Kota stone

Unveil a world of design possibilities with our Kota Stone colors. Let your floors and walls be drenched in the timeless beauty of Kota Stone, where the colors speak volumes about elegance and sophistication.

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