Top Benefits of Using Kota Stone Flooring


Kota Stone is a naturally occurring fine grained limestone found largely in Kota, Rajasthan. It is known for its enticing earthly colors and Kota stone designs that enhance the overall look of any space, be it indoor home decor, outdoor wall claddings, pavements, industrial flooring, etc.

A Kota Stone design can resist the arduous effect of time and weather more competently than most of the other stones and is used as flooring in both residential and commercial spaces.

Major Advantages Of Using Kota Stone Flooring

  • Kota Stone flooring is naturally non-porous, and hence repels water making it weather resistant and long lasting. 
  • Its anti-slip property and robust nature make it good to use in public spaces where footfall is usually heavy like hospitals and railway stations.
  • It is heat resistant and hence feels cool underfoot.
  • It is very cost effective and is easy to maintain.
  • One polish and polished Kota Stone for flooring looks as good as new again.
  • Kota stone is available in a range of colors and textures, which makes it a versatile flooring option that can complement a variety of interior design styles.
  • Kota stone is a natural material that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is also recyclable and can be reused for other construction projects.
  • Its natural colors and patterns give your interiors a very luxurious and plush look.


Sethi Stone is one of the oldest Kota stone suppliers with the best quality and wide range of 90° cut and box packed Kota stone tiles. We render these ready to use Kota stone tiles in various colors and patterns such as Kota brown Stone, Kota Blue Stone, red Mandanna stone, etc. these colors and patterns of kota stone are also available or can be customized in different forms such as polished tiles, sandblast tiles, cobbles, tumbles, natural hand cut, etc. Different forms of stones can be used in different spaces such as hand cut stone is used mostly in wall claddings, polished Kota blue stone tiles are used best for home and office flooring, Kota brown stone cobbles are generally used to make walkways in public parks.

All in all, its robust nature and economic accessibility make it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial projects.

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