Kota Short Blast Leather Stone

Kota Black Short Blast Leather Stone refers to a variant of Kota Black Leather Stone that has undergone a short blasting process. This treatment creates a slightly rougher surface texture while maintaining the leather-like finish. The stone retains its black color and is used for various applications like wall cladding, flooring, and outdoor features, providing an interesting blend of texture and sophistication.

Thicknesses : 18 to 30 mm (as per Client Requirements)
Flooring sizes (in inches) :  11 x 11, 22 x 11, 22 x 16, 22 x 22, 28 x 22, 34 x 22, 40 x 22, 46 x 22 and more


Kota Black Stone comes in rage from dark gray to completely black in color. Black Kota Stone flooring is widely preferred in offices and homes for a high-end luxury feel. Due to its natural robust qualities, Kota Black stone is widely preferred for pavements in gardens and even to carve out beautiful sculptures because of its exquisite looks. It is also preferred for outdoor flooring and pool claddings as it is very durable, anti-slip, non-water absorbent, and resistant towards everyday climate change. At Sethi Stones, we render you one side table polished tiles, neatly cut slabs as well as raw slabs as per our client’s demands.


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